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Fish Identification - Albacore Tuna

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Albacore Tuna
Species Facts

Science Name: Thunnus alalunga
Other Names: longfin, albie, pigfish, Pacific albacore, German

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Hitt9 | Posted: July 10, 2006

these fish love quick moving baits i like to use a cedar plug in a least 200ft of water

Juan dela Cruz | Posted: June 17, 2005

great fish

Jed Mitchell | Posted: July 22, 2004

When using live bait out of San Francisco, you drop your livie down to about 60ft of water and then if you see your line move or your line goes slack, set the hook!

Clinton Payment | Posted: December 15, 2003

Off the coast of Oregon and Washington look for the 62 degree temperature break. The fish seem to thrive along this line. Sea mounts and high spots that push up the bait into balls is a sure bet for finding albacore. Troll any tuna lures at 8 knots on the surface or weighted tuna lures just under the surface works excellent. Colors of green and black, purple and black, and pink are the most favorable. Deep dropping of baits during times that the fish are not near the surface can produce some good results and large fish. When the hook-up occurs let the first fish take line and continue trolling to allow multiple hook ups. Good luck and screaming reels.