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Fish Identification - Kelp Bass

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Kelp Bass
Species Facts

Science Name: Paralabrax clathratus
Other Names: calico bass, bull bass, kelp salmon, cabrilla

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logan | Posted: June 3, 2008

if you live close to san diego bay with your boat go south of the jetty 25 yards from the beach with bloodworms as bait

jon lundberg | Posted: January 23, 2003

I fish a 5 inch worm king or fish trap on a long shank 3/4 oz. jig. Use the "brown bait" color from either company. Concentrate on "boiler" rocks and all kelp edges on the up current side. A slow steady retrieve with occasional pauses seems to trigger neutral fish as the lure falls. You can add a strip of squid if you have any, but when the bite is good, it is not a help or a hindrance. I fish a lot just north of ensenada, and constantly limiting out on quality 16 to 20 inch fish, with several at or over 10 lbs. You can try other colors of "worms" and if you run into a color that works for you, stick with it. A good level wind reel filled with 20 lb. line on a medium heavy 6 to 7 foot rod works excellent. The heavy line both slows the fall and will cut down on lost fish. Good luck!