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Fish Identification - Longear Sunfish

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Longear Sunfish
Species Facts

Science Name: Lepomis megalotis
Other Names: Red-bellied bream, red perch, blackear and bream
Ideal Temp: 75 to 80

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Erin | Posted: May 31, 2007

If you really want some nice size bream put down that wormand bobber and fish with rooster tail jigs

rory | Posted: September 11, 2005

when u are fishing for bass these are one of the biggest trash fish they are really annoying.

Jon | Posted: November 27, 2004

Worms, crickets, grashoppers, any insects, even bread...

Alikia | Posted: September 27, 2003

They'll usually bite fast on grasshopper and small half-inch minnows