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Fish Identification - Arctic Grayling

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Arctic Grayling
Species Facts

Science Name: Thymallus arcticus
Other Names: American grayling, bluefish, Arctic trout, sailfin, tittimeg
Ideal Temp: 42 to 50 F

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Grade The Review | Posted: December 10, 2009

Around the Swan Hills alberta area the small streams are full of grayling...the Morris Creek...the Swan River...The Moose Horn...and creek that flows in or out of the Freeman lake or river...6" to 9" is average...i have pulled in a 16" out of a small steam that flows into the Freeman lake on the north side...the oil activity has opened many locations...use a regular rod and a no.14 fly...Royal Coachman...a Bee...or a Deer in the small pool that comes after the stream shallows place your fly in the shallow and let the currat take it to the for the silver streak as they hit...sun glasses work perfect... the large fish feed in the morning mostly...hard to get a big one after 2 ia a great place to fish with kids ...a willow sucker 5 feet of line and a fly will garentee a fish...where your hip waders or rubber for bears..the meat tastes very buttery..a camp fire fish fry is so can catch your limit in the first throw lots back...any questions

D Dnistransky | Posted: August 18, 2004

In lakes, troll or cast small panther martin or Mepps spinners (size 0,1,2)in 3-8 ft of water. In rivers use the same spinners,small jigs(1/64 - 1/16 oz) or try fly's. (small wooly buggers,stone fly's or any small nymphs) Still no luck ,try realy small spoons.