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Fish Identification - Florida Gar

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Florida Gar
Species Facts

Science Name: Lepisosteus platyrhincus
Other Names: gar, garfish, spotted gar
World Record: 7 lbs. 8 ounces FL
Environment: stream, lake
Techniques: medium tackle
Range: Florida

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paul jurado | Posted: April 18, 2011

It was actually 49" 15lbs biologist couldnt tell me anything yet only that the nose is to short to be a longnose,and to long to be a fl gar ...cross breed? does anyone know what it is thanks ...true beauty is only fin deep... Paulpro

Paul pro | Posted: April 13, 2011

I think i got the state record gar today florida gar. 14.10ounce 51 inches over 4 foot i could'nt believe it. i have to wait till morning to get it looked at

hbyhigv | Posted: August 14, 2009

im 10 and caugth a gar about 5 pounds with a peice shirp

John G. | Posted: July 1, 2006

I was fishing for bass with live blue gill with a bobber. After 3 min something ate the bluegill. I set the hook and when i landed this fish i thought this is the coolest fish ever. It was 33 inches long. I released it once i measured it and took a picture. Unlike bass they have teeth that are really sharp. Ever since i have been using live bluegill to catch florida gar.

Daniel Sono | Posted: October 20, 2004

The best way to hook a gar is using a 2-4" live shiner. Hook the baitfish in its back where a gar will not be able to tear it off of the hook. If the shiner die, don't throw him out, cause dead ones are just as good as live ones. Treble hooks are most effective when it comes to getting a good hookset. You can rig it as a carolina rig (with a two to three foot leader). If that don't work, throw him out weightless with a bobber. Using 20 lb test line, cast the shiner to weed edges in three to six feet of water. Now go get yourself a gar n' pray that boy ain't pull you in the wata. | Posted: August 16, 2003

Well all i can say is i caught 12 tonight they really love shrimp. Free floating and you can sight fish them since there not scared of anything.My lagest fish was about 5 lbs it jumped when i hooked it .Oh dont forget let them run awile before you set the hook. PS I'm looking for some fishing buddys can you help im new here???

Paul | Posted: July 30, 2003

I don't know, Last night was my first gar, I've never wanted to catch one. but i caught two near the boat ramp of a lake shortly after sunset while fishing for catfish using only chicken liver with no sinker. maybe it was just a fluke. the damn things tried to bite me! | Posted: December 17, 2002

Gar a surface frequently and can be spot fished. I've found that if you have a boat or you are in casting distance from the bank you can reach them with a nice topwater lure ( a rapala). However, the most efficient way to take any kind of Gar is to have a still leader attached right to a hook and bucket of small perch. Hook the perch in the back, when the gar surfaces cast the perch to the Gar. Make sure to give the Gar plenty of time to mouth the perch and then hook set. They are excellent fighters especially the bigger ones.