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Fish Identification - Atlantic Cod

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Atlantic Cod
Species Facts

Science Name: Gadus morhua
Other Names: cod, codfish, scrod, codling
Ideal Temp: 40 to 50
World Record: 98 lbs. 12 ounces, NH
Environment: offshore
Techniques: bottom fishing, medium tackle
Range: Atlantic Ocean

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  Read 4 reviews
Grade The Review | Posted: December 23, 2005

i need tips for cod and pollack

rory | Posted: September 24, 2005

go minimum half a mile out on the ocean. during winter the surfcasting for cod can be done. A lot of people dont realse about the great oppertunity for the insahore cod fishery. There are not many keepers though. To catch a cod try useing a jig. but if action on that is slow try useing some fresh dug clams to get the action going. Cod are a bottom fish so keep your sinker around 2 feet off the bottom. remember to use a farily large sinker because its not fun having the current take your line way out. It will be worth it trying to catch cod for there great taste.

Philip Ng | Posted: November 7, 2003

Do Cod Fishes have Scales on them? | Posted: April 4, 2002

ok, first of all i think that everyone codfishing should use dacron of 50 to 80lbs test. This line is superior for both bait and jigging. If you are only going to jig use mono. Dacron is basically stretch free so you can feel bite more easily than mono. There are many jigs i like to use. tube jigs are great. They are basicall a piece of stainless-steel pipe filled with lead. 16 ounces should work great. I think the norwiegn jigs twist the line too much and often become easily tangled with fellow fisherman's lines. Any straight jig works well and will not twist the line. To attach the jig on i like to use about 10 to 20 feet of 80lbs mono connected to the dacron with a back to back uni-knot. You can either tie the teaser to the jig or a few inches like 10 or 20 above the jig. (a little bit higher tends to catch more pollock) for a teaser i use anything that looks either like a sandeel, squid, fish, or something that looks like it will catch fish. For a sandeel imation there is no better than a redgill teaser. For a sqiud use big rubber grubs in an either purple or red color. For a fish imation try soft plastic shad. I dont like using double hook rigs. They are more pprone to become caught, tangled, get a double header of dogfish, and are dangerous to handle while unhooking fish. One octopus style hook works best. I also always make sure my hooks are sharp and make sure my knots are holding. My favorite baits are clams and chunk herring or any type of fish. I have seen mackeral used in this way also. squid also works but if not fresh or if it is frozen it falls off the hook extremly easily. Dont forget jigs seem to catch fewer but bigger fish and bait normally catches more but smaller fish. These are the ways i catch pool fish off partyboats.