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Sebile Vibrato
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Sebile Vibrato Introducing the Vibrato—a totally unique new lure concept by SEBILE.

As its name implies, the Vibrato has a natural vibrating action. But unlike any other vibrating lure it vibrates on the fall, when jigged, twitched, retrieved steadily or trolled in any way and at any speed!

The unique constant vibration is due to the design of its body being deeply compressed with a wider belly and a thinner back, thus causing it to vibrate regardless of how it is being fished.

The heavy Vibrato is primarily designed for vertical fishing and trolling, although the Vibrato is equally effective when cast and retrieved from shore or boat, slow jigged or fished through the ice.

The Vibrato has a natural baitfish shape that attracts all fresh and saltwater predators.

The Vibrato has one treble hook on each end of this realistic baitfish look-alike. You will appreciate the added benefit of having two treble hooks when fish are biting lightly, especially when fishing deep.You may replace the hooks if you need to switch to a size or strength that’s more ideally suited to your gear, to the conditions or the fish you are after. However, the hooks must be the same on each end of the lure to get the balance that creates the action.

A full wire runs through the length of its body, connecting both hooks and the line tie, assuring a solid and secure connection between you and the trophy fish of your dreams.

When the lure is dropped on a slack line, the Vibrato falls with an erratic motion. Even on the fall, the bait’s vibrations are so strong that they can be felt throughout the lure’s descent if you thumb the spool lightly. Those same vibrations are spreading out into the water as it descends, leaving a trail of vibratory attraction fanning out throughout the water column! It’s like chumming thewater but with vibration.

When it reaches bottom or whatever mid-depth you wish to target, as soon as the slightest jigging motion is made with the rod, this responsive lure reacts immediately. It vibrates from even the smallest tug or lightest tension on the line. Fish it fast or slow, pull it up and drop it down, or leave it hanging suspended in the strike zone long enough to make even the most finicky fish finally take the bait.

Best of all, the Vibrato is a jig that won’t wear your arm out by pulling hard on the rod all day long to make it work! Thanks to its unique equilibrium balance, the Vibrato reacts and has action and vibration as soon as you simply pull on the rod tip, even slow or small rod movements activate the Vibrato. All predators absolutely love that exciting yet easy-to-catch action, and with this unique lure, using only a small fraction of the effort, you can out-produce others lures which need a fast speed retrieve or a shoulder-wrenching stroke to trigger attacks.

Yet it’s not just a vertical fishing lure, it’s equally effective as a casting lure and it’s devastating trolled as well. Fish it any way you want to, at any depth, any speed, and it will surely catch every predator fish you care to target in fresh or saltwater.

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Sebile Vibrato
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